We're sure you're dope and we wanna help you get paid. But before you get started, please click here: www.shade.co/411 to learn more about SHADE and our requirements for applying to join our squad.

Now that you've read that and you know some things about us. We need to learn a little bit more about you. Our selection process is... well... selective, so be as candid and detailed as possible with your answers. This form should only take about 15 minutes!
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First, tell us your name... *

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{{answer_29419248}}, we're all about empowering black + brown creators so we just have a few questions about who you are...

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Our goal is to get you to the point where you can be financially stable as a full-time influencer. {{answer_29419248}}, how much money would you want/need to make each year to be comfortable? *

Tell us a dollar amount (i.e. $65,000)
Our goal is to get you to the point where you can become self-employed as an influencer. {{answer_29419248}}, how much money would you want/need to make each year to be able to go at this full-time? *

Tell us a dollar amount (i.e. $65,000)
Okay, great. If you don't mind us asking, {{answer_29419248}}, how much are you currently making? *

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Got it! Now, the next few questions are a little tedious, but necessary... don't worry {{answer_29419248}}, it's almost over.

If you don't have an account on the social profile(s), it's cool. Just skip it and move on to the next..

URL (i.e. www.instagram.com/shademgmt) + current number of followers (i.e. 10K followers)

URL (i.e. www.facebook.com/shademgmt) + current number of fans (i.e. 2.5K fans)

URL (i.e. www.twitter.com/shademgmt) + current number of followers (i.e. 8K followers)

URL (i.e. www.youtube.com/shademgmt) + current number of subscribers (i.e. 2K subscribers)

Username (i.e. shademgmt) + average number of views per snap (i.e. 1.5K views)

URL (i.e. www.medium.com/shademgmt) + current number of email subscribers (i.e. 20K subscribers)
Thanks for going through all that {{answer_29419248}}! Now, which of those is the primary platform you create content on?

Snapchat, IG, Youtube, your blog, etc. If there is more than one, feel free to list them here.
{{answer_29419248}}, you chose 'other,' so what'd we miss? Tell us your content category. *

Now that we know each other so well... can we ge'ya numba, {{answer_29419248}}?

Tell us your phone number with area code, please :)
Got it. So tell us {{answer_29419248}}, what would it mean to you if you were selected to join our crew? *

In other words, why should we choose you?
Okay {{answer_29419248}}, last question...
We've learned a lot about you over the last 15 minutes, but we may have missed some things. What else would you like us to know that would tell us more about who you are? *

Be as short or as detailed as you would like to be.
Okay great. Now we just need a headshot and you'll be good to go. *

Thanks for sharing with us, {{answer_29419248}}. You're doing some really dope things and we can't wait to speak with you further about what SHADE can do for you. We'll be in touch soon.

If you have pressing questions, hit up Dahcia at dahcia@shade.co
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